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A road warrior drives fast and hard, with little fear of anything or anyone on the road ahead, because they have great faith in their ability. A true warrior first has faith in their God, who they know will help them not just survive, but thrive through the ups and downs of life. The sponsors of Motor Madness 6 want to give every attendee at the car show a book about how everyday people like you and me can become warriors for our family and community; Warriors – Every man Matters. 

Here is what two reviewers said about Warriors:
“My prayer is that after reading this each person will be encouraged, stand a little bit taller with resolve to be the best warrior for God they can be. I give this book five stars for relevance and excellent storytelling ability.” – Beverly Terry – NetGalley.

​“Warriors: Every Man Matters sounds the rallying cry for all godly men to become fully engaged in the conflict.” - Clarion Review.

​Stop by the Warriors booth at MM7, meet the author, Michael Obermire, and get your free signed copy. You will be a better person for reading it.